Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy have long generated excitement for its potential as a key element of effective cancer treatments.  This excitement reached new levels at the 2012 & 2013 annual meetings of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), where positive data from numerous clinical studies of cancer immunotherapies was presented and discussed.  Among this presented data were results from a study of one of Immunovaccine’s clinical-stage cancer immunotherapies.

Cancer immunotherapies hold the greatest promise as adjuvant treatments, when tumor burden is low and the vaccine is used to eradicate minimal residual disease following first-line treatments.  Most of these treatments are being developed with the expectation that they will be used in combinations with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments to improve the current standards of care in treating cancer.

Immunovaccine is actively advancing a clinical-stage cancer immunotherapy based on the company’s novel DepoVax™ technology.  The company’s efforts in this area are guided by the following three key principles: 

  • The Right Therapeutic Target - Validated, disease-specific antigens capable of targeting tumors and not healthy cells
  • The Right Enhancement Technology - DepoVax optimizes the presentation of antigen and generates enhanced immunogencity 
  • The Right Clinical Strategy - Support the immune system by combining with effective immunomodulators

Immunovaccine is committed to advancing and systematically decreasing the risk associated with its cancer programs by generating strong clinical data that justify further development of the programs.  To learn more about Immunovaccine's clinical-stage cancer programs please visit the following page:


Watch this MRI video to see how a DepoVax-based candidate eliminates small tumors in real time or download the MRI Visualization of Depot Vaccines poster.