DepoVax™ Platform

The cornerstone of all vaccine development efforts at Immunovaccine is the company’s DepoVax™ vaccine adjuvanting platform.  DepoVax™ is a patented vaccine delivery formulation that provides controlled and prolonged exposure of antigens plus adjuvant to the immune system.  The result is a strong, specific and sustained immune response with the capability for single-dose effectiveness.


                  Antigen + Adjuvant                                                                                         Suspend in Oil
The DepoVax™ platform possesses impressive flexibility, allowing it to work with a broad range of target antigens in various therapeutic applications.  The technology is also commercially scalable, with potential for years of stability and ease of use in the clinic.
To date, DepoVax™ has served as the basis for Immunovaccine’s clinical-stage cancer immunotherapy, as well as a number of partnered vaccine programs spanning infectious diseases, bio-terrorism, addiction medicine and animal health.  These collaborators include many leaders in their respective areas of focus including the National Institutes of Health and Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health).
The graphic below illustrates DepoVax's ability to efficiently attract antigen presenting cells and allow for the controlled uptake of the antigen and adjuvant.
DepoVax Advantages & Applications
Overall Advantages:
Fast, strong and long-lasting immune responses
  • Humoral and/or cellular response possible
  • Compatible with different antigens
  • Stable formulation: long-term storage at ambient temperatures if necessary
  • Easy to re-suspend and administer
DepoVax™ in Cancer:
Maintain remission and combat micro-metastases
  • Provides strong and sustained polyfunctional T cell responses
  • Specifically targets tumor cells
DepoVax™ in Infectious Disease:
Rapid and robust immune response sufficient for disease protection
  • Rapid, durable humoral immune response
  • Single-dose capability – key for pandemic usage