Partnering Opportunities

DepoVax is a patented vaccine delivery formulation that provides controlled and prolonged exposure of antigens plus adjuvant to the immune system.  The result is a strong, specific and sustained immune response with the capability for single-dose effectiveness.

As a versatile platform with potential applications across a broad range of human health applications, Immunovaccine is actively engaged in seeking collaborations to evaluate the DepoVax™ technology in various areas. Partnership, collaboration and licensing opportunities are available to utilize the DepoVax™ platform with novel antigens, or to advance Immunovaccine’s vaccine products.
1. DepoVax Challenge – Our DepoVax™ Challenge is a research partnership where you provide Immunovaccine with your antigens and we incorporate them into our DepoVax platform.  We then provide you with the new vaccine formulation for testing in your validated models to compare the results head-to-head with your previous formulations.  This may yield interesting data to advance your vaccine product and/or create next-generation products for your company. For more information on the DepoVax™ Challenge click here.
2.  DPX-Survivac – DPX-Survivac is a survivin-based therapeutic cancer immunotherapy. As survivin is a critical molecule for cancer cell survival and highly associated with many types of tumor cells, it is considered a universal cancer antigen. While DPX-Survivac has broad market potential to target at least nine different cancers, Immunovaccine is developing DPX-Survivac to treat ovarian cancer in initial Phase I/II clinical trials. We are presently seeking partners to develop DPX-Survivac for additional indications.  For more information on DPX-Survivac click here.
For partnering opportunities, please contact: 

Frederic Ors (902) 492-1819, ext. 2 or